Ethics and Values

Our Business is guided by strong ethics of creating value for our clients. We find it our responsibility to understand our clientsí requirements and find them the best places to stay, the most efficient way to travel and the most interesting things to do in their travels. We derive great satisfaction in planning vacations for our clients as if we were traveling ourselves. Its our constant endeavor to explore new places, design innovative itineraries and create more and more value and satisfaction for our clients. You would find us coming up with something new and interesting all the time.


We are guided strongly by following ethics:

  • Our mission is to create value for our clients, we always like to put ourselves in our clients shoes while planning their vacations thus putting great effort in finding them the best places and accommodation at best prices.

  • We sell products in which we believe irrespective of our margins.

  • All our trips in the outdoors follow minimum impact guidelines.

  • We involve community work in our trips, like cleaning lakes, disposing litter etc, it is a fun and grounding activity with resulting benefits.

  • Its our endeavor to promote new destinations and small properties.

  • Fairness in dealings and transparency underline all our affairs.

Important Ė preserve the environment

We promote destinations and properties which are relatively unheard of. These properties and camps are located in wilderness and remote location. A lot of his places are not corrupted by heavy commercial tourism. Their pristine beauty and natural surroundings are restored. The ecology of these places is sensitive. As we are making an effort to offer these new unexplored places to our clients we are also very sensitive that these places are not polluted and their ecological balance is not disturbed.

IT is our responsibility to protect these places and make as minimum impact as possible.

Please take care of the following things when you visit any of the properties listed on our website and otherwise also.


  • Try and use plastic and polyethylene to the minimum.

  • Please carry your own bottle and minimize use of bottled water. If you do then please dispose these bottles in dustbins where they would be recycled or better still bring them back to the nearest city where they can be properly disposed.

  • Donít litter and throw away toffee wrappers, cigarette buds, camera cells, battery, or any other garbage within and outside the property, Avoid using drugs and alcohol. Mind altering substances disconnect us from our feelings and hence also minimize our experience in the outdoors. Instead use this opportunities of being in the outdoors to express your self and let yourself loose without use of drugs/alcohol. Sing, dance, scream, walk play and feel uninhibited and explore your inner child. We can be high and wild without drugs if we break free of our inhibitions and learn to express ourselves. Outdoors is an opportunity to do so and break free from the judge energy of our culture and society.

  • Respect the local people and the staff. Itís good to meet new people, make friends and learn about their lives.

  • Respect the rules of the camp, if you are visiting and adventure camps, especially those concerning safety.


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