About Us

Topcamp Mission: To derive satisfaction through creating unique travel experiences for our clients.

Topcamp Leisure & Events was set up in year 2004 by Baljit Singh; since then the company has grown to make a mark in the industry, standing out for its unique travel ideas, creativity, innovation, high ethical standards. Today Topcamp is a pioneer in camping and designing offbeat getaways.

Topcamp specializes in organizing camping, adventure tours, wildlife trips and cultural sojourns across India especially in the Himalayan states of Uttaranchal, Himachal and Ladakh. It has a local office in Leh. Topcamp is known for listing the coolest offbeat getaways on its website as well as recommended hotels and resorts across the country,

Topcamp is very careful in selecting properties that we list and promote, - you would find a certain class and character to all the properties that we recommend and promote. We donít promote a property unless we like it ourselves and we do have a fine taste and eye for beauty. Topcamp today markets more than 200 camps and offbeat properties at the most awe-inspiring locations across India.

Topcamp caters to a large number of discerning individual travelers. We handle operations for some of the leading travel agents across India and organize offsite and outbound training programs for more than 100 leading corporates.

Topcamp is committed to bringing out unique and interesting travel options to its clients. We derive satisfaction from planning the most beautiful vacations for our clients. Innovation, creativity, eye for offbeat properties, expertise, passion and strong ethics are the things that define Topcamp.

Experts at Topcamp have traveled through most terrains in India; they are always in lookout for unexplored territories. This wealth of experience and information at Topcamp allows you to plan for new and tailor made schedules based on mutual discussion.

In short, we offer innovative itineraries backed by superlative facilities and a motivated team of thorough professionals. Top Camp is a single interface that offers you access to a large variety of options and skilled individuals to assist you in your quest for exploration.

You can rest assured that Top-camp will see you through your journeys in India safely and comfortably.

Work Philosophy:

Topcamp adheres to high ethical standards in its business practices. Topcamp is is motivated by creativity, innovation and empowering other people and businesses.

Topcamp defies the conventional and outdated work cultures and promotes more harmonious ways of working, which are not time bound. Each member of Topcamp team is self driven and responsible. Topcamp believes in instilling inspiration and responsibility not monitoring and control. Respecting each individualís personal boundaries and sensibilities is one of the core values of Topcamp. Topcamp constantly provide new experiences, travel opportunities and exposure to new learning to help its employees grow as individuals.

Baljitís Profile:

Founder of Topcamp, Baljit is an entrepreneur, life coach and writer. He has traveled extensively in the Himalayan states of India as well as other parts of country. He started climbing and organizing treks while he was in school. This led him to enter into Tourism business. He Holds a Master degree in International Business. He left his job with TERI as a research associate to start Topcamp in the year 2004. His leadership abilities and creativity has led Topcamp to make a distinct mark in the Tourism industry. Baljit is motivated the most by creating something unique and to empower other people through his Business. He adheres to high ethical standards in his business practices and personal life He has varied interests and works really hard to live a life of greatest fulfillment. He has studied western classical music; he is an active rock climber and enjoys distance running, yoga and sports. He loves to be with people and finds immense joy in sharing love and warmth with his others.

Baljit as a Life Coach:

Baljit coaches people on personal development and self discovery. His life goal is to help other people in finding peace and joy in their lives and fulfill their desires; this he believes is only possible through developing understanding of the self and human mind

Baljit regularly organizes group trips and workshops aimed at bonding, emotional expression, and self growth through developing insight and awareness. In his trips people find a safe space to connect with their inner selves, others and nature. He teaches mindfulness and several techniques from traditional spirituality and modern dynamic psychology that enable others to develop awareness, heal themselves and experience inner peace.

He uses ideas from spirituality and psychology to help people understand human mind in order to reach their full potential and find peace and freedom from mental conflict and unrest. In this lifetime Baljit had to experience severe setbacks and face grave psychological problems. His circumstances drove him to the edge and made him explore the darkest sides of consciousness. His varied life experiences both dark and joyous have helped him expand his consciousness and develop deep understanding of existence and human mind. Through his insights he has developed original ideas in psychology and spirituality. He coaches people on lifestyle, nutrition and personal development to help them live life efficiently and harmoniously.


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